White Cobra bring romantic comedies to Northampton’s Playhouse Theatre

White Cobra bring Peter Quilter’s four one act plays to The Playhouse Theatre this October.

Directed by Martin Borley-Cox, the four plays follow four different couples, the show is described as “A gloriously funny examination of the chaotic world of love, relationships and why the grass is never greener. Duets is a hilarious tribute to the strength and madness of the human heart.”

The first of the four plays, Blind Date, stars Bernie Wood (Hi-De-Hi, Dizzy Boo) and Rod Arkle (Dizzy Boo and Shakespeare Revue) as Jonathan and Wendy. They are on a blind date and hoping to get it right this time even though they’ve never got it right before. A couple of emergency phone calls, a stereo system with a life of its own, and the biggest block of cheese known to man herald the start of a beautiful relationship… but can it last longer than the fifteen minutes, all their previous dates have managed?

Next up is Secretarial Skills – Kimberley Vaughan (Glorious and Dizzy Boo) plays Janet  and Fraser Haines (Glorious, Hi-De-Hi, Another Fine Mess) plays Barrie , a couple who are celebrating being together for thirteen years! A relationship of five thousand days is not to be sneezed at, but all is not as it seems. Throughout the whole of their time together, Barrie has never shown any interest in women, but for Janet that’s no reason to stop trying…and could the unexpected arrival of a wedding cake herald a beautiful future together?

Secretarial Skills is followed by The Holiday – Kate Billingham (Glorious, Hi-De-Hi, Days of Wine & Roses) plays Shelley, while Mike Street (Masque Theatre’s The Rover and It’s a Wonderful Life) makes his debut with White Cobra playing Bobby. For Shelley and Bobby a holiday in Spain is everything their relationship needs. What better way could there be than a couple of weeks of sunshine and sangria to sort out their divorce? An all-night party next door, and an encounter with Carlos notwithstanding, the evening provides a final chance to divide up everything fairly, before moving on to new relationships… but will those new relationships be with each other?

The final of the 4 plays is Bride To BeVictoria Miles (Glorious, Hi-De-Hi) plays Angela and Richard Jordan (Scaramouche Jones, Glorius, Hi-De-Hi) plays Toby. Angela is getting married again… This time she is determined NOTHING will go wrong. To ensure a smooth ceremony she enlists the help of older brother Toby. And all that stands in the way of marital bliss with Simon is one last cup of coffee to steady the nerves…

Duets runs from 2-6 October at The Playhouse Theatre, Clare Street. Tickets are now on sale for just £11 adults, £10 concessions, and are available online from www.ticketsource.co.uk/whitecobra or by calling 07447 217622