4 Brand New Plays. 4 Writers. 1 Scuff Night. Your Vote.

Warts and All Theatre are the resident company at Delapré Abbey, and this July they’re running Scuff Night – an evening trialling new works. Events like this aren’t uncommon in the theatre world, but they usually have a slightly different name. We spoke to Christopher Elmer-Gorry, Artistic and Executive Director, to ask why they decided to go with Scuff…

Traditionally in theatre there is an event called a ‘Scratch Night’ where artists share work in progress or ideas they are developing. As we are based in Northampton (and we are proud of our shoe making heritage!) we thought it would be more apt to call it a Scuff Night!

But this isn’t your traditional Scratch Night either – over the last few months, local writers have been working with Warts and All to develop new plays. Scuff Night, on Saturday 1st July at foodies.rocks will give them the chance to present an extract to the audience – and this audience then get to vote on which plays Warts and All will develop into full productions for 2017/2018.

Chris says “Each audience member will receive casino chips to spend on each play as they see fit- the two plays with the most chips will be developed next year. We will announce the two plays at the end of the event… It should be a fun experience for everyone involved!


If you’re intrigued, tickets are only £5 each available through the Warts and All website.

The company have two groups for anyone interested in developing their skills in performing or making theatre:


“...we also have two groups for adults, The Collective:Makers and Collective:Performers. These groups are for anyone over 18, we welcome trained actors and theatre makers but there are also members who have never done any theatre before. That’s an important part of The Collective for me- that we have artists with a variety of experience and want to develop their craft- at whatever stage!” says Chris.



More information on the Scuff Night and how to join the Collective from September can be found at


and you can also follow the group on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook for all the latest information.


Scuff Night takes place on Saturday 1st July at foodies.rocks

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