Two nights of sketch comedy heading to The Playhouse, Northampton

This November, comedy troupe LIMBO bring their new sketch show to Northampton’s Playhouse Theatre for two nights only.

“How do you do?  Limbo feel it would be a little unkind to advertise their sketch show without just a word of friendly warning.  They are going to unfold the stories of some bizarre individuals, and a talking horse, who occupy the realm of the ridiculous, and the devious.  Full of toilets and Trump, they deal with the great mysteries of life, death and the Northern Irish border post-Brexit.  They think it will amuse you, it may amaze you, it might even arouse you.  So, if any of you feel you do not care to subject your funny bone to such a strain, stay at home and watch repeats of Bake Off… well they warned you.”

Comedy sketch troupe LIMBO present their brand-new show Kick The Bucket, full of twisted sketches and surreal songs, shining their anarchic light of comedy on the darkest of modern taboos.  Starring Northamptonshire locals and written by Joe Johnson, finalist of the BBC Writersroom Laugh Track competition, Kick The Bucket is the sensational follow-up to LIMBO’s Edinburgh Fringe show Fisting For Biscuits.

Featuring a telling off for the sex-obsessed Bernard, who fornicates with fruit, a dance with jealous dressage horse Lancelot, who’s desperate for a go on top, and a trip to the toilet in the Beauty & The Beast’s castle, where even the loo paper is alive, Kick The Bucket is a riot of crazy characters and scandalous sketches, and all for less than the price of a bucket of KFC.  (Show does not contain chicken)

LIMBO bring Kick The Bucket to The Playhouse Theatre, Clare Street, on 22 and 23 November 2018 at 8pm. Running time around 1h 30mins. Tickets are just £6 each, and available from