Theatre In Black want to hear your long distance relationship stories

Numbered Days writer, Ryan Leder, is calling for audience members to approach the cast and creatives after their performances with their own tales of long distance relationships.

“Last night [after the performance at The Core at Corby Cube on 7th Feb], one of our audiences members was a walk in. Sadly, none of our company got to speak to the audience member, but a relative of the company sat next to him throughout the show.

“With a quiet Wednesday evening ahead of him, he decided on a whim to come and see ‘Numbered Days‘, as he himself had previously been in a long distance relationship. He knew nothing else about us, or the play, and wasn’t particularly a big theatre buff either, but he came along anyway. And he absolutely loved it.

“We’re sad we missed the opportunity to speak to him, so moving forward we want to try harder. Please, if you are, or ever have been, in a long distance relationship and you have a story like his, we cannot express how much we would love to have you see the play.

“The voices we feature in our show (which you can hear at the beginning of our show trailer here) are interviews with real people. Their stories helped us create this story, and your stories could help us take the production even further. If you’re coming to see the show, please try and speak to one of us afterwards. If you’re not able to, message us on social media (Theatre In Black or @TheatreInBlack) and help us further show the truth and beauty of relationships in this digital age.

“Your next opportunity is Numbered Days at Royal & Derngate Underground Studio, Thursday, February 15 2018 8:15pm.┬áTickets are free, but advanced booking by calling 01604 624811 is essential.

“As for our audience member, his relationship ended, but they still speak every single day.”

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