Theatre In Black Announce Tour

Northampton based theatre company, Theatre In Black, are taking their award winning play, Numbered Days, on tour.

Numbered Days had its premiere at The Core at Corby Cube back in July, and subsequently was awarded the Dame Janet Suzman Playwrighting Prize. The play tells the story of the ups and downs of a long distance relationship between Rebecca, a student in the UK, and Charlotte, an Irish student studying the US. It is an intense, and emotional look at the complications and heartache involved with loving someone you can’t physically be with. Tour dates are still to be confirmed, but we’ve had a chat with the group’s founder and Numbered Days‘ writer Ryan Leder

Why have you decided to take Numbered Days on tour?

Ryan: In one way or another, I think the intention was always to take ‘Numbered Days’ on tour. Northamptonshire has been a wonderful base of support for the production, but our next test is to see how the show does elsewhere. Blood, sweat and tears go into any production, as anybody who’s ever put on a play will attest, but I think we always felt this play was more than just a one-off. It felt special, and not just in and of itself, but because of the way it connected with people. It started with us in the rehearsal room, and fortunately, it continued in front of that first audience as well. It’s an incredible feeling, so I think if audiences continue to have that response, we’ll continue to give people the opportunity to see the play wherever we can.


What have you been up to since your performance at The Core?

R: I’ve spoken before about how after that first performance of ‘Numbered Days’, it took me a good twenty-four hours to really register what had happened. Preparing for this tour has been a very similar experience. For the first few weeks, we bided our time and waited to gauge how much excitement there was surrounding the show. Once we realised the response was so positive, it was about figuring out how to sell that to people who hadn’t had the chance to see the play. We were in the middle of finishing our tour pack when it was announced that ‘Numbered Days’ had won the Dame Janet Suzman Playwriting Prize, which was a huge boost and incredibly reassuring. However, what came next was the worst part by far – blindly sending emails to programmers nation-wide and waiting for a reply. A first tour is hard enough, but we were a brand-new company with one performance under our belts. A lot of theatres didn’t want to take the risk, which was always understandable, but we couldn’t help but feel discouraged. It dragged on for a couple months. There were a lot of moments where I really thought we weren’t going to pull it off. However, we hunkered down and kept at it – and slowly but surely the bookings started to come in. We started with a target of six venues, and right now, we have seven (nation-wide). I’m not too sure how we pulled it off, but I’m incredibly grateful to everybody who helped make it happen.

How excited are you?

R:  Ecstatic, but still nervous. Excitedly nervous (exci-ervous). It’s a huge opportunity, one that we want to capitalise on as best we can. There’s still a lot to do, but we finally have our end game. There’s no pulling back now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We’ll reveal where you can catch this incredibly moving piece of theatre soon, but for now here’s the trailer to whet your appetite!



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