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Previously on Confessions of a Rookie Director…

Last time on Confessions, our fearless director had inflicted upon himself a further audition in pursuit of play promotion. Following the successful casting of his extra character, he was buoyant for the rehearsals to finally begin.

Just short of twelve weeks since the first audition for Theatrical Knights, rehearsals have now begun as the actors willing to work with me finally took to the The Playhouse Theatre stage.


Episode Nine: And So It Begins…


As an excessive theatregoer of almost four years, I have seen a lot, a real lot of theatre (we are talking almost 500 different shows here). Despite this, I have only ever been responsible for any of it on stage once before with my ten-minute piece The Grandfather Clock, lovingly crafted for the boards by the Royal & Derngate Youth Theatre a whole two years ago.

In that time I have learned from the amateur fraternity I know that at the end of the run there is an incredible comedown the following week. Oddly enough, after just two evenings last week of rehearsals, I was already getting their point.

It really is a buzzing thing to be involved in crafting something, in whatever way you can, that at the end of the second night, I was actually disappointed that it was four days until we got to do it all again with the next rehearsal.

First up saw on the previous Sunday the read-through, last Monday saw the blocking of act one and yes, not only did it feel as if it was going well (I am clearly privileged to have got some great people to work with), it just felt so genuinely good to be creating some “theatre” for the first time, beyond stressing in front of a word processor trying to write a script.

Since then, we have wrapped on blocking act two (where I admit to myself, I had a little wobble of confidence at the start of the evening) and then moved onto developing act one, which we have done for a couple of nights.


It all appears to be going well, with just the occasional battle with furniture positioning on the compact little stage of The Playhouse. After just five rehearsals, I am very happy so far with the progress made.

The last rehearsal also gave a revelation that you must always accept the advice of others, my Stage Manager landed for the first time at rehearsals and immediately as a new eye spotted a glaring issue which us, as perhaps too comfortable with the play, had failed to spot. The second run through heralded a remarkable difference to the scene.

Therefore another note on the director’s pad (perhaps be it new or old), always take on the advice of others and if when you try it, it makes a difference for the better, don’t be afraid to be influenced. You may want it to be your baby, especially as like this, it’s my first. However, good advice benefits the audience, and they are at the end of the process the only true people that matter.

Despite trying to do so here, I can’t totally express how much joy I am getting from this experience. I have the kind of character that doesn’t really show it on the outside, but yeah, this is great and I look forward now to every time we make another step towards to October 31st.

Tickets are on sale now for Theatrical Knights here , which runs from October 31st to November 4th 2017



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