Confessions of a Rookie Director | Episode 12

Previously on Confessions of a Rookie Director…
Last time on Confessions, Mr Rookie Director told of how much fun he has had from creating publicity for the show with the help of both Theatrical Knights writer, Keith Lipscombe, and his team. Now it’s onto the main event…

So, the people in the audience must be here for something, the day must have come.

Episode Twelve: People Are Looking!

125 day ago, the first audition took place for Theatrical Knights.
44 days ago the first rehearsal took place for Theatrical Knights.
Now, Theatrical Knights is complete and about to go onstage at The Playhouse Theatre.

It’s been fun, interesting, time-consuming, exhilarating, absorbing, and at the end of it clearly worth it, as we successfully nurtured a brand new untested and occasionally complicated play on the stage.

I can now sit back and watch my magnificent cast and crew do their stuff for five performances and hope that the audiences enjoy it, at least a little, as much as I have been there for untold hours making it happen.

This blog is more meandering than normal because I have at this point hit the end for me and haven’t yet assessed the situation beyond.

theatrical knights

The tech rehearsal was nice and a small audience of special guests were appreciative (and as noted by some, picked up moments of comedy that we hadn’t up to that point spotted, although there was one I really hoped would be).

The dress went even better, much to the concern of some. Apparently some feel, the dress shouldn’t always go smoothly. I myself am not so sure yet.

I realise that I am wallowing a bit in this blog, but at this point, wallow I must do. I am going to sit and watch five nights of a precious thing, something that so many people have put so much into.

So what to the audiences, tonight they arrive and they start looking, I think, well, I hope they like what they see. I for one know that those involved couldn’t have put more into it than they have.

Prepare to take the stage knights!


Tickets are available here for all performances from 31st October to 4th November at The Playhouse Theatre, 115 Clare Street, Northampton, NN1 3JA


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