Confessions of a Rookie Director | Episode 10

Previously on Confessions of a Rookie Director…
Last time on Confessions, our fearless director had finally actually started directing, or what amounted to it anyway from this willing rookie. However a few weeks now into it, the panic was starting to show.

Dear reader, I have had many a crisis of confidence as I have sat in the seats of The Playhouse Theatre looking over the forming of Theatrical Knights. However having successfully surrounded myself with a wealth of experience, my inner Nick Clegg has emerged a little, but hopefully unlike Cleggy managing to maintain a little bit of backbone?

Episode Ten: The Non-Political Coalition

While it might be my name in lights under the Theatrical Knights banner for the director, the last week or so has happily become a little more of a coalition (or collaboration as I originally suggested). My cast has been very much developing their characters much themselves, as once I had got through the daunting process of blocking the first week (with modest success), I had begun to think more of the technical aspects of staging the thing rather than the development of the characters (at night I dream of statuettes).

This is where last week, another of my surrounding crew, my stage manager came to the fore, moving my directing debut more towards the currently running Masque Theatre New Directions process. Juliet took charge of presenting up the nuances of the script and characters and made quite a revelation as a result, and thereby opening up to me the other tasks of the director.

This though to me came from the acting side of things, and to have someone onboard to spot the nuances of delivery and the way they could be delivered was a further great benefit.

Taking a little of it away from me, mattered not in my mind because as a theatregoer, I would seek to see the best possible of the material and cast available and while I know that there are egos at play in the theatre world like all areas (and big blooming ones), as one setting out, I have no qualms about handing over some control and allowing the production to be better for it, and therefore better for the eventual audience.

I am never going to be precious over this being my thing, as it is everyone involved who has a part of it, from the writer setting pen to paper originally, to my opening of his email, to the acceptance to perform and onto the final cast and crew onboard, everyone has a piece of the pie.

I personally don’t want anyone to pretend to be bigger than the show itself and take over like a dictatorship. While of course a final say must come with someone, and I suppose that would, in theory, lay with me, I am happy to be putty in someone else’s hands if the shape of the object looks better as a result, and at present with three weeks to go, it is looking pretty fine as a result. Who knew that coalitions could actually work for the benefit of all… 


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