One Act Play Festival at The Playhouse

Coming up this May at The Playhouse – a whole week of One Act Plays

Those interested in taking part in the festival from 22 – 26 May would need to submit their proposed play by 1 April 2018

The Playhouse’s Publicity Manager, Kevin Evans, said: “The Playhouse Theatre Northampton is this year holding a one-act festival for directors or groups to come forward to either present established material or take brand new work to the stage for the first time. We are looking forward to presenting either full performed work, rehearsed readings or radio plays during the festival. We are seeking performances of anything from 10 minutes, up to a maximum of 55 minutes in length. The Playhouse hosted a one-act festival two years ago, however, unlike last time, this will not be a competition, but just a fabulous week of plays for our audiences.”

Performances can be any of the following:-

Radio Play – actors seated in front of microphones (provided by The Playhouse), reading from scripts with music and sound effects

Performed/Rehearsed Reading – reading directly from the script, but including action, movement and props

Full Performance – fully rehearsed performance including scenery and props

There is no minimum runtime, but the maximum accepted will be 55 minutes – it is up to the cast and director to ensure the length of the show is within the rules.


  1. Entrants are responsible for acquiring their own scripts, props and costumes where needed
  2. Entrants must arrange for any required performance rights licences, which The Playhouse will pay for
  3. Entrants must arrange their own rehearsals and rehearsal venues until the 2 three hour sessions on The Playhouse stage between Monday 14 and Monday 21 May 2018 which will be arranged to suit all participants
  4. Performances will be on a ‘black box’ stage and any sets and furniture must be capable of being placed and removed in 10 minutes or less.

For more information and to obtain an application form, contact the venue by email

The Playhouse Theatre on Clare Street seats 85, and the bar area recently underwent a renovation project. The quirky venue has a small stage of only 5 metres by 6 metres, and is accessible via a steep staircase from the street.

Recent productions at the venue include Brief Encounter and Make Way for Lucia, as well as Masque Theatre’s Woman In Mind.