Northampton to hold England’s first ever online Arts Festival – NOVA Festival

The NOVA Festival, to be held Easter 2019, is looking for local artists, whether established, emerging, or new on the scene, to enter work for England’s first online Arts Festival.

The Northampton-based festival, presenting New: Original: Vibrant: Arts, aims to promote the talents of local artists and bring the arts to a wider, diverse audience.

The NEW work of musicians, artists, performers, writers, sculptors, dancers, spoken word artists, photographers and more will be available to view online for the duration of the festival and gives an opportunity for artists to sign-post live events if the audience want more!

There is a public meeting for any artists who would like to learn more, ask questions and become involved on Tuesday 19 June at The University of Northampton, Avenue Campus, NN2 6JD at 7:00pm – head to the main entrance opposite The Racecourse.

Header background image by Igor Ovsyannykov