Masque Theatre are going Barefoot at Vintage Retreat

The latest production from Northampton’s own Masque Theatre – Barefoot in the Park – takes place in The Retro Room from Tue 12-Sat 16 February 2019

Masque Theatre, one of Northampton’s most vibrant and longest-established community theatre groups, is excited to be trying out a new location for their next production – The Retro Room at the Vintage Retreat on Lower Harding Street. The group most recently performed A Christmas Carol at the end of their 2018 season. Masque Theatre have been performing for nearly 90 years and produce 6 to 7 shows per year rehearsing from their base in Burns Street Studios, Northampton.

Neil Simon’s play focuses on Corrie (Ruth Simone Sherry) and Paul (Aaron Mackenzie); newly-weds who are starting life in a teeny tiny one room sixth-floor apartment. Their married life is not all it’s supposed to be, as Paul (a stuffed shirt lawyer), and his spontaneous and romantic bride Corrie start to realise they may not have been as compatible as they first thought. The plot explores the age-old question of how we can overcome our differences to one another to succeed in a romantic relationship; perfect soul food for the upcoming Valentines holiday!

Corrie and Paul are joined by a variety of charming characters including zany neighbour Vincent (Steve While) who has novel ways of entering his and others’ apartments, and Corrie’s mother Ethel (April Pardoe) – a lady whose life is ready for spicing up. Even the telephone repairman and delivery guy are caught up in the action.

The story is probably best known from the film of the same name starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda – this version has been given a quirky update by the new Director and Stage Production team of Emma Robson and Emmi Fortune. The comedy of the story remains alongside a theme of fulfilling your dreams, alongside the woes of dealing with nutty neighbours and dealing with a hole in your skylight.

Barefoot in the Park will run from Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 February at 7:30pm at The Retro Room at the Vintage Retreat on Lower Harding Street, NN1 2JL Tickets are £9 each, and are available online, or visit Masque Theatre’s website for more ticket information.