LGBTQ Web Series On The Lookout For Actresses

lilac web series
The writer of a brand new web series filmed in Northampton is on the lookout for two more actresses to join her talented cast.

Jenna Harries‘ latest piece, Lilac, is a story about a group of female friends here in Northampton, and covers their careers, love lives and the dynamics of their friendships.

Jenna says “Lilac is a love story and a drama which puts positive LGBTQ drama as the focus, the topics that are also discussed in the series varies from Mental Health, Past Trauma, Love Triangles, Polyamory and Life Changes.”

Positive representations of LGBTQ characters and relationships are central to Jenna’s writing:-

“I’ve always written about LGBTQ characters as I feel that sometimes in fiction people in the LGBTQ community are not always represented positively and effectively. With Lilac, I’m hoping to achieve an online drama series which shows that LGBTQ people can be shown to have positive relationships, friendships and life stories.

“We’re in 2017 now and it’s definitely time to start showing young LGBTQ people that they are represented fully and we’re creating content that they can feel is encouraging and empowering to watch from the comfort of their own home, not all drama has to come from negativity, positive drama can be very entertaining to watch too. ”

Filming for the series starts in October with a view to airing in early 2018, but the cast is not quite yet complete.

“We have a fabulous, enthusiastic and incredibly talented cast, but we are still currently looking for two actresses, aged 18-30, to take part in the series and are always looking for extras to take part. Our filming locations will mainly take place in Northamptonshire, but will also take place near London, Nottingham, Birmingham and Cambridge.”

If you’re interested in getting involved with the project, contact Jenna Harries directly via Twitter or email.

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