Kick The Bucket by LIMBO, Review | The Playhouse Theatre, Northampton

Northampton comedy group, LIMBO, brought their brand new show “Kick the Bucket” to the packed out Playhouse Theatre on Clare Street

Writer and performer Joe Joseph took the original incarnation of LIMBO to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 with a show called Fisting For Biscuits. Now the group is back in action with a new troupe of performers, and a whole host of surreal and fabulously filthy sketches in Kick The Bucket.

From the off, we’re not only warned that we’ve let ourselves in for an interesting night, but also that this is a work in progress – not that you’d have been able to tell, with the exception of a few sketches that went a little awry. But the moments where it all went wrong were just as funny as the sketches themselves, with all 5 performers adept at improvising and making the most out of the mistakes.

LIMBO comprises of Joe Joseph, Toby Pugh, Anthony Burgess, Holly Lowe and Ashleigh Hammond, who each take on multiple characters across the hour and a half long show, including a man obsessed with fruit, Jesus and his disciples, a gathering of high-ranking military officials and a couple arguing through the medium of song about driving drunk. In between scenes, we were treated to prerecorded SatNav directions to Brexit, becoming a Tory MP and becoming a psychopath.

Despite a few misses and dead ends (which are all part and parcel of being a work in progress), Kick The Bucket was an absolute riot of irreverent comedy, with plenty of sex and death thrown in. Joseph stated that his inspirations are The League of Gentlemen and The Two Ronnies – and while that sounds like an odd combination, it sums up Kick The Bucket remarkably well! I particularly liked the use of the bucket to mark the end of each sketch; it worked brilliantly as a device to bring the whole show together.

Highlights include the Dressage scene with Lancelot the Horse who was desperate for his fair share of recognition, a “modernised” Happy Families card game, and a trip to the toilet in the enchanted castle from Beauty and the Beast (a sketch which may well have ruined my favourite childhood film forever…) It’s not a show for the faint hearted, with plenty of sexual references and swearing, but manages to tread the line between edgy and too far with confident aplomb.

Last night’s show was almost sold out; I hope we get to see more of LIMBO Comedy here and Northampton and across the country – they certainly deserve a lot more sold out venues! Dark, at times disgusting, intelligent and incredibly funny; keep an eye on the group’s Facebook page so you don’t miss this next time round!

Performance: Thurs 22 November 2018, The Playhouse Theatre, Northampton

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