Interview with… Marcus Brigstocke

Marcus Brigstocke brings his new stand up tour to Royal & Derngate this October. We’ve had a quick chat with him about “Devil May Care

You’re performing at the Royal & Derngate, on Hallowe’en, dressed as Lucifer! Are you a big fan of Hallowe’en

Yes, I love a bit of Hallowe’en. It’s fun to play dress up (even though it’s my job). I once accidentally set off the fire alarm at home on my own dressed up as Dracula with fangs glued in and everything… the fire service came. I couldn’t get the teeth out nor remember the alarm code.
Marcus Brigstocke – Devil May Care

What inspired you to take on Lucifer as a character?

I’m doing this show as Lucifer because the world is horribly divided just now and we seem keen on the idea that those who disagree with us aren’t just wrong but are bad people. Satan has a pretty interesting take on who’s bad and who’s not.It’s fun to look at morality and question our assumptions about whats sinful and virtuous.

How long does the makeup take to put on?

It takes me about 15/20 minutes to get the makeup right – and about 40 minutes to get it all off at the end.
Marcus Brigstocke

You’ve had a varied career, including radio, kids tv and musical theatre – is there anything else you’d like to try your hand at?

I just like making things. That’s it really. I’m passionate about what I make. I love it. If I could play the trombone better than I do I’d want to be in a jazz band. Not yet.

What’s next after the tour?

A great big sleep. Time with my kids. No makeup for a while. Then make the next thing!

Marcus Brigstocke’s Devil May Care comes to Royal & Derngate on 31 October 2018 at 8pm. For tickets visit


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