Interview with… Joe Johnson, LIMBO | Northampton Comedy

Ahead of their two nights at Northampton’s Playhouse Theatre at the end of November, we’ve caught up with Joe Johnson to find out more about Kick The Bucket…

Joe Johnson of LIMBO, literally kicking a bucket.

How did LIMBO start?

Well, LIMBO originally started in 2013, when myself and a couple of friends from Northampton took a sketch show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was an amazing experience and I’d wanted to do it for a long time. We performed in a tiny little venue, seating around 25 people, but amazingly word got out about our show and we ended up squeezing in up to 40 people some nights! Don’t tell the health and safety guys that! It went a bit quiet on the comedy front after that, but I always wanted to follow up our success with a new show, so earlier this year I put together a new cast (Holly, Toby, Ashleigh and Anthony) and LIMBO 2.0 was born!

What are your comedy inspirations?

I love The League of Gentlemen! I remember when I first heard their radio show at uni, I thought it was hilarious and totally different to anything I’d heard before. I actually saw them live this year, they’ve still got it. But my Dad introduced me to comedy at a very young age, we’d often do performances of Two Ronnies sketches in local shows and that’s where I got my love for comedy from really. I suppose my comedy style (and LIMBO’s) is a mixture of The Two Ronnies and The League of Gentlemen, with gag-heavy sketches and dark scenarios. I’ve also been influenced by loads of live acts I’ve seen at the Fringe, such as The Beta Males, Gein’s Family Giftshop and Late Night Gimp Fight.

What can people expect from Kick The Bucket?

Hmm, let’s see, some sex, some death and the occasionally reference to Brexit. Oh, and there’s a bucket! But seriously, it’s just loads of laughs crammed into an hour and half – I reckon our joke per minute ratio is pretty high. In terms of individual sketches, we’ve got Lancelot, the dressage horse who wants his turn on top. We’ve got Bernard, who sexually attracted to fruit. And we take a trip to the toilet in the Beauty & the Beast’s castle, where even the loo is alive – that’s my favourite sketch actually, mainly because I get to play a talking toilet brush, that’s one for the CV!

What’s on the horizon for LIMBO?

Hopefully two fantastic shows at the Playhouse Theatre, fingers crossed! Beyond that I’d love to get back into performing more regularly and do some gigging with LIMBO, showcase our material to more people. The Fringe might be a pipedream right now, but I’d love to get back there with a show at some point too! But right now all I can think about is kicking that bucket!

LIMBO bring Kick The Bucket to The Playhouse Theatre, Clare Street, on 22 and 23 November 2018 at 8pm. Running time around 1h 30mins. Tickets are just £6 each, and available from