Ahead of them bringing their tour to The Castle Theatre’s stage on 1 September 2018, we’ve been having a chat with Rob Cherry from The Opera Boys.

What’s the story behind the Opera Boys? How did you get started?

– It all started when two of us (Rob & Richard) worked on a corporate gig together about 7 years ago. We had a mutual love of opera and classical music, but also had a very similar sense of humour… and so we wanted to build a show based around the music that we love but make it very light-hearted and not too serious. There’s a bit of a preconception that opera is maybe a bit boring, a bit stuffy, etc. and we really wanted to get away from that idea and show that it really doesn’t need to be thought of that way. As we always say, “we take the music very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously” and I think that’s the basis of the whole show really.

You have toured across the world on cruise liners – where’s the most glamorous place you’ve played?

– We have been all over the world, but there’s nothing like performing at home. Touring the UK is genuinely the most fun we have on stage!

Between you, you’ve done some pretty different things – from West End and Broadway to the Eurovision Song Contest! Do you all have a particular favourite style of music to perform?

– Between us we have worked in all sorts of different genres within the industry, and I think we bring that to the show by performing a broad cross-section of music. Of course we perform the famous operatic arias like Nessun Dorma, Brindisi, Toreador, La Donna e Mobile, but there are also some big West End numbers in there like Bring Him Home, Music Of The Night, very well known classical songs like Time To Say Goodbye, and even a few pop songs done in a classical style like Angels and Unchained Melody. But we are all classically trained singers and that really is the style of music that we are all most passionate about.

What is it about classical music that inspires you?

– Classical music has the ability to move anybody and everybody, whether you’re a classical/opera lover or not. From the rousing and powerful to the beautiful, delicate and emotional, I think everybody can relate to classical music. Operatic and classical music is used everywhere, in TV, film, even adverts and so even if you’ve got no idea about opera, we guarantee you’ll recognize every piece that we sing.

You sound like you have a lot of fun when you’re performing – do you think audiences might think differently about opera and classical music after your shows?

– Yes! We get a lot of lovely feedback from people who are already lovers of opera and classical music, thanking us for performing and bringing this style of music to the area… but we also get a lot of blokes who (perhaps reluctantly) bring their wives to see the show, and when they come up to us afterwards and say “The wife wanted to come so I agreed to bring her, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this, but I absolutely loved it!” that is about as satisfying as it gets!

What’s the best thing about being on tour together?

– We have a great time together. We are good mates and we do have a lot of fun on stage with each other, and with the audience, and however much of a cliche it might be; we make a living doing what we love. We really have a great time performing together, and that comes across in the show and translates through to the audience and they have a great time with us too.

You can catch Opera Boys at The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough, on 1 September 2018. Tickets available from Castle Theatre’s Box Office online or by calling 01933 270 007