Illusion Productions | Auditions for “Chatroom” by Edna Walsh

Running from 23rd to 25th November at The Playhouse Theatre is “Chatroom” by Edna Walsh, brought to the stage by new Northampton theatre company, Illusion Productions.

“Chatroom” takes place in an internet chatroom, populated by a group of bored teenagers, who discuss everything from children’s books to Britney Spears. When new member, Jim, joins the group and turns the topic to his struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide, the group is torn between those wanting to help him, and those trying to convince him to carry out the deed. The play deals with cyber-bullying, manipulation and shifting allegiances.

Artistic Director, Gary Amos (who recently directed The History Boys, also at The Playhouse), is inviting Self-Tape Auditions, with a deadline of 13th of August, for the following roles:


WILLIAM – (18 to 25) Dark, brooding and vicious antagonist.
JIM – (18 to 25) Quiet, nervous and depressed protagonist.
EVA – (18 to 25) Seductive, bitchy and William’s partner in crime.
EMILY – (18 to 25) Geeky schoolgirl and eager-to-please Eva.
ACK – (18 to 25) Urban gamer and William’s passive friend.
LAURA – (18 to 25) Reclusive, eager to help, listener.

Audition tapes should be emailed to Rehearsals are due to start early September on Sundays (venue to be confirmed). For the latest news and information, follow the group’s page on Facebook.

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