Ghost Walk, Review | Looking Glass Theatre, Northampton

Northampton has a rich and varied history, which of course means it is packed full of ghostly tales of people meeting terrible ends.

Looking Glass Theatre bring these stories to life with their immersive Ghost Walks, which take on some of the spookiest, and most unexpected, locations around the town centre.

On our particular tour, we were first treated to a spooky re-enactment of a murder trial, a genuinely scary trip to the cells and a ghostly theatrical performance, all of which took place in Northampton’s beautiful Guild Hall, under the watchful eye of tour guide James, and the ever present “health and safety” person – Dave.

The tour then takes you through Gold Street and on to Hazelrigg House (Looking Glass Theatre’s base) – but we had the pleasure of a bonus stop: Snappy Snaps in the Market Square. Much like a lot of Northampton, the unassuming photo shop holds many creepy treasures for those brave enough to venture in.

Finally, we descended into the basement at The Albion Bar and Phipps Brewery, where things took a dramatic turn…

For those of you out there, a little like me, who are intrigued by theatrical events like this but are not the sort who would be first in line for a Ghost Train or a scary movie, then this tour is perfect. It was spooky, funny and informative in equal measures, hitting the balance just right between a general feeling of amusement, but also of unease as to what else could be in store. There’s no jump scares or outright screamer moments to make you leap out of your skin, but there was definitely a few moments that really got my heart racing!

The performers were uniformly excellent – tour guide James has an air of Richard O’Brien hosting the Crystal Maze about him (especially during our trip to the cells), and is confident and clearly passionate about the gruesome stories from Northampton’s past. The ghouls themselves (actors, or real spectres, I’ll let you decide…) hit all the right notes with some impeccable timing.

It was a busy tour, and I can see why – anyone with even a passing interest of either ghostly happenings or Northampton’s history would enjoy every second of it.

Looking Glass Theatre are working on more historical tours of Northampton over the coming months – keep an eye out for news, because these are events you are not going to want to miss out on!

Tour: 30 Oct 2018, Northampton town centre.