Fringe Festival set to showcase students’ final year productions

The Student Fringe Festival runs from 29 April – 5 May at The Platform

The University of Northampton (BA) Events Management students are hosting this year’s Fringe Festival. This theatre festival is a week-long production to showcase the (BA) Acting and Creative Practice students final year pieces. A variety of performances ranging from Women’s rights to dark comedies exploring real life problems. The event is a great opportunity to immerse guests into a creative, interactive and one of a kind experience.

With over 42 performances, from 14 theatre companies, to choose from, guests are guaranteed to find one or more performances that will grab their attention. It is also perfect timing for those who are looking for a break from exam season, a day out with a family or just simply want to be entertained and experience something new!

With everything from solo acts, duets and groups, there is a show for everyone to enjoy!

To find out what’s on when, and book tickets, visit the Little Box Office website at: