With Dire Consequences | Northampton Film

Northamptonshire screenwriter and director Jenna Harries has completed her first short film – With Dire Consequences. 

Covering topics from mental health and sexuality, to loss, grief and even murder, the film stars a host of Northamptonshire talent, and doesn’t shy away from difficult issues.

Jenna said “This is a revenge story, but also a drama which tells a dark story of how the decisions we make, and the consequences involved, truly do affect many people around us, and eventually come back to haunt us at a later date.”

‘With Dire Consequences‘ charts the struggles of Aaden (Craig MacPhee) following the death of his girlfriend Lyra. A year on, Aaden has not dealt with his grief and has disassociated from his friends and family – with the exception of his younger sister Olive (Emma Burgess), and their half-sister Bess. After some encouragement, Aaden makes moves to re-establish his friendship with school-mate Dempsey (Kieron Murray) and discovers Lyra’s friends Pearl and Toria (Naomi White) who are struggling to move on too.

Leading man Craig MacPhee said, of his character, “Aaden is at breaking point when we first see him, he is devastated by the death of his girlfriend Lyra a year previously, which was treated as a suicide, but Aaden is adamant that it could not be how she died and is certain that something else must have happened to her. He is completely unable to move on with his life until he knows the truth of what happened that night a year ago, even if that means pushing away his sister and best friend. He is not ready to let her go just yet, and he needs to know what really happened, no matter the consequences.”

Check back later in the year for details of screenings.