Confessions of a Rookie Director | Episode 8

Previously on Confessions of a Rookie Director…

We thought that our fearless director had shown fear and fled, however like Uma Thurman rising from the grave, he returned muddy, but certainly muddled but with hope for a better, more successful future.

Last time I was back and a few people noticed. Those that noticed, might even have read my blog and during that last episode, I mentioned some publicity plans that were happening. Tell me more, tell me more, you say? OK, I will.

Episode Eight: Before Theatrical Knights there was…

I had another audition last Sunday night, and to think that stress was over for me, for this play at least.

However this was not directly for the play, but to promote it. You see, two of the characters in Theatrical Knights (coming soon to The Playhouse Theatre) are going to get a little extra life beyond their little play, with a little back story appearance on a television chat show.

This is where I mentioned last week that the writer of Theatrical Knights was back creating the words of the two knights, Sir Tom and Sir Anthony and this is what we now have to create. Think Parky with a sprinkling of The South Bank Show and you have our incoming chat show, and now thanks to Sunday’s audition, a host as well.

It’s an arty type show, which is perfect for the likes of our renowned and pleasant actor Sir Anthony and our slightly less amenable writer Sir Tom to appear on, and with luck very soon we shall have this in the can and ready to roll-out through the publicity machine.

It went a little more ambitious as well, becoming a writhing beast of a piece that I personally reckon could stand up on its own now separate from Theatrical Knights (if we do the piece justice anyway). It includes a couple of film clips as well, as any chat show should do with publicity hungry guests on the bill.

These two consist of one relatively simple to create and another which includes dramatic location shooting, actor finding, and sports car seeking. Amateur theatre directing suddenly became a large scale, and who said that this was a good idea for a first timer? No one, yep, you are about right there.

By the time you read this, I will have visited the house that might just become our “on location” site, so then hopefully all I need to do is find a clapper board perhaps and we are a go! It’s all fun, it’s all ambitious, and I think it’s going to be great.


Next time on Confessions, we shall talk rehearsals as they lurk very close around the corner…



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