Confessions of a Rookie Director | Episode 7

Previously on Confessions of a Rookie Director…

It’s over a month since that rookie director has been spotted here and all hopes for his survival or reappearance were declining. Many had thought they had seen the spectre of the director with horror etched upon his face as he ran in apparent desperation over Cogenhoe hill and towards the barren countryside beyond. However it turned out all was not lost after all, and stumbling towards us clutching a battered script with mud upon his face was that brave soldier of a director with now hope on his face.

Last month I was writing things about my first stint as a rookie director. I then panicked that I had no hope of either keeping this weekly blog up non-stop or perhaps ever casting the blooming play. However over the horizon came hope, and they so happened to be carrying a spade…

Episode Seven: The Exhumation Of The Rookie Director

I can’t quite remember what was happening in episode six and for the sake of sanity, I have avoided going over it again. Suffice to say, at the point, I wrote it, it was roughly a month after my first audition and a little after my second and concern of never casting the play was at the peak point.

This wasn’t entirely the reason that I disappeared from this blog though, as it had become quite clear to me that starting a weekly blog about directing a full three months before even starting rehearsals was, let’s say, a little hasty and there was no way that I could maintain the pace.

However here I am writing a little over two months from that first audition and I can sit back and relax finally in the happy place of actually having a full cast for Theatrical Knights. All places were taken, all faces in place and it is time to get down to actually getting the play on the stage.

Not to say that anything starts physically yet, of course, rehearsals begin following the vacation of the previous play Make Way For Lucia (running at The Playhouse Theatre 12 to 16 September, tickets available now…). However today (as I write) I have constructed a planned rehearsal schedule and this has made it feel, that coupled with actually having a full cast and crew, everything is now in action.


As well as rehearsing plans, exciting other ideas of publicity are blossoming (including from my inventive cast), and plans for the programme (another little thing that I shall have to do in my world dominating position) are nestling in the brain. The writer of the play is also back at the keyboard giving further life to our main stars Sir Tom and Sir Tony which will be another thing to do, but a very exciting one at that.


So it took its time for all the dust to settle on the casting, however soon there will be a bout of activity which will get that dust flying about as we head with energy and enthusiasm towards opening night, just 67 days away…






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