Confessions of a Rookie Director | Episode 4

Previously on Confessions of a Rookie Director…
Our fearless one has so far remained calm during the early days of development ideas for set and casting. However, the scars are about to show.

Last week the Theatrical Knights auditions took place for my directorial debut and as I sat in the uncrowded room with more audition pieces than auditionees, I knew that things were becoming very real.

Episode Four: Chasing the Cast

A couple of episodes ago I expressed my concern of the one item that I truly had no control over, gentlemen arriving at my audition. It turned out that my concerns were well founded as I sat patiently waiting on audition night last week for arrivals. However, as we began, I auditioned two people.

It was a bit of a comedown following sitting in on the previous three audition nights, which across the three had seen a total of forty in attendance. However what was clear even in them was that men of all their age ranges are relatively thin on the ground sometimes when it comes to amateur dramatics. My selection of a play with three men as my first play to nurture was looking challenging in far more ways that just some of the staging.

So, I had two, both of which read into the roles well and it proved an excellent night to finally hear Keith Lipscombe’s words drift into the air audibly. It emphasised some of the sparky dialogue, that when I had first breezed through in my first reading, I had fallen in love with to pursue and cajole The Playhouse Theatre committee into accepting the play for the season.

It was just that this audition would have buzzed so much more with more people at it. I could have done what I planned, used all of the six audition pieces collected (I did still manage to use five of them, but was obviously going over a similar ground with just two people). I could have said “you read for him”, “you as him for this one”, “OK could you read this one now”, and etc, etc. I had missed the buzz of auditions that I had previously seen, and to be honest, it was truly that moment of realisation that everything would really not be under my control.

However, I don’t want this blog appear to be needy or despairing, as  no matter how much that evening didn’t quite succeed, I left knowing that all that had to be done was try again and try harder. So I immediately planned on arranging a second audition night and investigated how to get the word out further.

Emails were sent, more emails were sent, people at other performances were randomly approached and I headed to that place of many options, Facebook.

While I had already shared the original audition on various Facebook groups, since the first one I have discovered others to boldly promote the issue. Some on the site cover the whole of Northamptonshire and have in excess of 700 members, so surely a few of those could be interested in my little show? There was only one way to find out, post, pursue, be forthright about it.

So, with all that done, the date set and the plan in action once again, let us hope this time to see a few more of my potential Knights at the audition.

The second night of auditions for Theatrical Knights take place at The Playhouse Theatre from 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th July. Further details can be found at

Kevin, when not trying to be self-employed, is most likely to be found in one of two places: the theatre or running somewhere.

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Kevin, when not trying to be self-employed, is most likely to be found in one of two places: the theatre or running somewhere.

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