Production Marketing | How To Write Press Releases

Press Release. They’re scary words for the uninitiated. But writing a good press release for your production can be the difference between getting your show promoted or it being ignored. It’s easy to think now that we’re surrounded by Social Media that a few Facebook posts and Tweets might be Continue Reading

Behind The Scenes | Stage Management in Community Theatre

On the face of it, stage management in Community theatre is a fairly straightforward affair, with a perception of it being a thankless task, writes Megan Lucas. Usually lacking the resources to โ€˜callโ€™ a show, as you would in professional theatre, stage management is mainly seen as making sure props Continue Reading

Budget Marketing | First Impressions

In this new series, On Stage Northants Founder and Editor, Becki Cockcroft, talks you through some ideas for marketing your productions on a shoe string. Marketing a show when your budget is whatever change you can scrape together (after the cost of hiring a venue, costume and props) can be Continue Reading