Cast announced for One Act Play Festival at The Playhouse Theatre

The One Act Play festival runs at The Playhouse Theatre, Clare Street, from 22-26 May 2018. And we can exclusively reveal the performers taking part across the 5 evenings of shows.

Featuring a line up of familiar faces from locally produced and community theatre circles, audiences are in for a real treat from the 12 shows on offer. To enter, click the link at the bottom of this post.

Shows and Casts


Passion Play by Peter Nicholls. (Radio Recording)

A play dealing with adultery and betrayal, unusual in that the two leading characters are each portrayed by two actors for public speech and private thoughts. Recommended 14+

Stars Gena McCrystal as Agnes, Sheila Jenkins as Eleanor, Mike Street as James, Barry Dougall as Jim, Juliet O’Connor as Kate and Lisa Wright as Nell

Tickets for 22 May


A rehearsed reading of, ‘The Lift Party,’ by Sarah Love, presented by Theze Guyz Theatre Company

If you’ve ever been trapped in a lift, the waiting to be rescued seems like forever. Luckily for these, they have Terence trapped too, who is a party man.

Stars Sarah-Jane Goodall as Jane, Sebastian Hall as Ross, Ian Chivers as Terence, Sarah Love as Melanie and Martin Garrett as Lift User.

A reading of ‘Bread of Heaven,’ written and performed by Barry Dougall.

The memoirs of Arthur Buchanan, a former Rugby Player and Journalist

A performance of ‘Mary’s King’ written and performed by Sarah Love, presented by Theze Guyz Theatre Company

What would it be like to be the mother of the Son of God? Here, in a comical and sometimes poignant way, Mary voices her thoughts as her baby Jesus grows to adulthood.

Tickets for 23 May


A reading of ‘Captive Audience,’ by Keith Lipscombe.

A pantoplay in One Act.

Stars Kevin Evans as Alfie, Juliet O’Connor as Charlie, Di Wyman as Bea and Angela Mayes as Delia Dumas.

A performance of ‘Priceless,’ by Weekes Baptiste and Rebecca Black.

Priceless tells the story of a young attractive woman (Justine) who arrives by invitation to an Art Exhibition Party that doesn’t exist; this deception is the brainchild of Jason an older man who has a secret crush on her.

Stars Bethany Edwards as Justine Arts and David John-Bores as Jason.

Tickets for 24 May


A performance of the one man show, ‘I am John Clare,’ by Steven Loveless, performed by Robin Hillman.

Writer and Director Steven Loveless and Performer Robin Hillman co-produce this one man show, taking the audience through a time of reflection and contemplation for Clare, “a quest in search of his own identity, creativity and to try to understand what is insanity and why they call him mad”.

A radio recording of ‘The Kiss’ by Katie Hims.

Three short pieces with a linking theme. ‘Goodbye,’ ‘The Advertisement,’ and ’The Pet Shop

Goodbye stars Rebecca E Allan as Jennie, Mike Street as Dan, and June Lovell as Woman in Train.

The Advertisement stars Jem Clack as Gary, June Lovell as Myrtle, Tony Janney as Man in Cafe, and Simon Rye as Brian.

The Pet Shop stars Juliet O’Connor as Liesl and Kevin Evans as Ted.

Tickets for 25 May


A radio recording of ‘Antarctica,’ by Karla Dearsley.

Why has Terry moved into the Freezer at the warehouse?

Stars Liz Allan as Brenda, Stewart Magrath as Terry and Barry Dougall as Ron

A radio recording of ‘Cherries Hung with Snow,’ by Ronnie Smith.

It’s over five years since Tommie was de-mobbed after National Service. Now he’s come back in search of some familiar faces.

Stars Philip Welsh as Tommy, Liz Allan as Liz, Kevin Evans as Ernie, Sue Howes as Flo, Jem Clack as Hector, Jill-Rhianna Green as Doreen, Denise Rye as Nelly, Tony Janney as Hank and Stewart Magrath as Man in Bar

Tickets for 26 May

Tickets are available from The Playhouse, with single evening tickets at £5, or just £12 for entry for the whole festival with Festival Tickets!