Confessions of a Rookie Director | Episode 11

Previously on Confessions of a Rookie Director…

Last time on Confessions, our fearless director told about the way he was willing to collaborate in the pursuit of better (and not in the W1A aspect). Now it’s time to talk more about getting people to watch.

The one part that I have enjoyed with working on Theatrical Knights is the freedom it offers. Let me tell you more…

Episode Eleven: Driving The Publicity Machine

I have watched a few shows in rehearsals and development over the last year or so and there is one thing that irritated a little over the shows that we did, the license constraints.

When producing a play under license, there is an incessant amount of listed stuff that you cannot do. Much of it perhaps makes sense to protect the product, like not changing the script, that’s a no-brainer

However there is a bugbear with me, which as the driver of the publicity machine at The Playhouse Theatre annoys me more, and one which without question restricts that, the creation of trailers. Most licenses stop you from filming and often even having moving images or lines within many trailers, so for fear of breaking the license, you wisely live by. However, when you happen upon an entire recording of a play on YouTube, it aggravates a little more. Someone isn’t doing their job.

For Theatrical Knights, things are very, very different. Working on a premiere and with the writer on the end of the email, we have not only had the freedom to promote but positively encouraged to do so.

So much so, that writer Keith Lipscombe went off and wrote a chat show appearance and two filmed segments at an initial suggestion of cast member Adrian for extra publicity. It was ambitious, and a challenge to put together, but an absolute joy to do so. Pouring over the video editor for a (very) long time after having spent something like three hours filming on a twenty-minute piece seems insane. It perhaps is, however, it has been one of the best parts of this process for me.

If that seems odd to say, it’s not, because this has for a year been an itch that I haven’t been able to scratch with creating material like this. Whether it has served much in selling tickets is unknown really, however it sits as a huge achievement of effort online from all involved.

If that wasn’t enough, I sat at the video editor on Sunday and decided to create another trailer, all about words, for Theatrical Knights likes words and plays with them in some style, so it felt apt. They say you can never do enough publicity. Possibly.

It’s been fun and with our next production also under our control license-wise, I hope to take much of this to the next show as well. In the meantime, back to Theatrical Knights, there appear to be less than two weeks to opening night…



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